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  • Transylvanian Properties
Transylvanian Properties
Our Luxury Boutique Style Villa is an exclusive property among Transylvanian Properties and Romanian Properties.
Small Luxury & Romantic Rooms - Myth of Dracula is a unique romantic place from Predeal - Brasov - Romania (Transylvania area), with a boutique hotel style. It has an exclusive panoramique view, and an easily accessible location in Predeal  on the peak of mountain, Cioplea. 

Our luxury villa is a perfect villa for protocol, also often is perfect for company headquarters.
Our luxury villa includes a luxury lounge cafe.

Our property is built on five levels:

- basement for utility - 3 rooms for employees, central heating, toilets; 

- ground floor comprising  luxury lounge cafe / bistro and reception;

- 1st floor with  5 rooms; 

- 2nd  floor with  5 rooms

- attic - 1 penthouse & spa area 


Predeal is a mountain and ski resort.

Predeal area:

- Brasov - 20 Km;

- Dracula Castle (Bran Castle) - 25 Km;

- Rasnov Castle - 10 Km;

- Bucharest - 140 Km.


Building = 800 sqm
Plot area = 500 sqm

Price = 2.300.000.EURO

Information about property:

TEL: 004-0722212319
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