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  • Who is stryker? Seminars find an orthopaedic surgeon search share this page | print this page hip understanding hip pain treating hip pain procedures surgery expectations why stryker implants? Real patients – real stories knee understanding knee pain sports injuries treating knee pain procedures surgery expectations why stryker implants? Real patients – real stories shoulder understanding shoulder pain treating shoulder pain surgery expectations why stryker implants? Real patients – real stories home hip why stryker implants? Mobile bearing hip™ | hip replacement mobile bearing hip™ replacement total hip replacement with stryker’s mobile bearing hip™ meet your hip: how does it work and why does it hurt? cheap generic viagra buy generic viagra generic viagra viagra online http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-viagra-generic-pills-kl/ viagra for sale buy canadian viagra online today http://classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-generic-viagra-prices-rp/ viagra for sale cheap generic viagra The most common forms of arthritis associated with hip pain are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Your doctor may require a few tests to determine the type of arthritis affecting your joints. A moveable feat — anatomic dual mobility typical fixed hip replacement components include a stem that inserts into the femur, a ball that replaces the head of the femur or top of the thigh bone, and a shell that lines the hip socket (acetabulum). An innovation in hip replacement design, the mobile bearing hip™ replacement only from stryker features a unique polyethylene insert made with x3® advanced bearing technology that is designed to fit snugly within the metal shell and over the ball to secure and buffer the joint. It’s called anatomic dual mobility or adm. The insert allows both hip components to glide smoothly without the stem making contact with the shell. The mobile bearing hip™’s design allows your doctor to more closely match the implant to your anatomy and provides you with several potential advantages. Greater range of motion the mobile bearing hip™ replacement is built for more natural movement. Its anatomic cup design offers stability while allowing greater freedom of movement. Test results demonstrated approximately 145º range of motion in a front-to-back sweep of the leg — a full 5% gain in range of motion when compared with fixed-bearing implants of equivalent size. 1 stryker’s mobile bearing hip is designed to better accommodate your natural walking (gait) cycle of movement, both in range of motion and in directional shifts. Greater range of motion may allow you to maintain your active lifestyle with fewer compromises. A more comfortable and stable fit comfort and stability are important to helping you regain your activity level. The mobile bearing hip™ replacement is designed to help to minimize the potential risks of hip dislocation and irritation of the muscles and tendons that support your hip. 2, 3 until now, in order to reduce the possibility of dislocation, doctors often turned to the use of metal-on-metal large head technologies because of the size of femoral heads (top of thigh bone). The specialized polyethylene insert helps prevent the metal components from moving against each other while the larger head contributes.
  • Mythos Luxury Rooms - Outside View Building
  • Mythos Luxury Rooms - Outside View Building
  • Mythos Luxury Rooms - Outside View Building
  • Predeal Ski Area
  • Predeal Ski Area
  • Partia de Ski din Predeal
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Mythos Luxury Rooms & Café este o locatie eleganta ce ofera o vedere panoramica exclusivista catre peisajul impunator al muntilor Carpati , padurii d...
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Predeal - Romania
Sejur Romantic & Petale de Trandafiri ... in Predeal / Hoteluri Predeal/ Cazare Predeal
Sejur Romantic & Petale de Trandafiri ... in Predeal...
Sejur Romantic & Petale de Trandafiri
Deluxe Rooms & Exclusive View
Camere cu Jacuzzi - Cazare Predeal
Cafenea - Mediteraneo Cafe & Lounge - Salate, Paste, Pizza
Exclusive View - Mountain View - Transylvania Properties - Hoteluri Predeal - Cel mai Frumos Apus de Soare !